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    Welcome to Whitewater Middle School!          

    As the Principal, I want to welcome you to our school and to our website. I am currently serving in my 12th year as principal. My entire career has been focused on Middle School Education and I am very committed to the philosophy behind the true middle school program.

    A true middle school focuses on the unique social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs and growth of the middle school students. These years are difficult for all children. All three years present new and different changes and challenges. These three years for our students bring rapid physical growth and transformation which can cause social and emotional turmoil that they are not often equipped to handle. A staff that truly embraces these changes and wants to be involved in this growing time, beyond the academics, is a very special person.

    Our staff is awesome and has chosen to take on the challenge and the mind-set of nurturing and teaching in a way that complements the needs of our students at this time in their lives.

    The teaming concept, that is truly the core structure of a middle school, is critical to fostering a family-like group, to nurture all the needs through these trying years. I take very seriously the hiring process and the team make-up. The teams work together to create learning that applies to all disciplines to demonstrate the importance of all subject areas working together for real-life applications. Our goal is to promote learning with a 21st century focus to prepare our students to be successful in a global world.

    Technology is a huge part of our world, and we emphasize incorporating a variety of technological strategies into our instruction.

    We thank you for sharing your students with us for these very critical years. The three years move very quickly. I encourage parents to enjoy each phase with patience as you watch closely how rapidly your child blossoms in a new way every day.


    Mrs. Connie Baldwin