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    School nurse: Michele Kneece

    • Visit our FCBOE School Health Services site for everything you and your student may need for a healthy school year, including these often-requested services:

      Medication Authorization Form

      Healthcare Plans

      Flyers, Forms and Resources

      School Health Service Information

      Immunization and Certificate Information



      Mission Statement

      The School Health Services Program supports and enhances educational success by improving and protecting the health status of students through prevention, maintenance and education.

      Did You Know?

      • Each Clinic cares for 25-100 students per day with illnesses, chronic health conditions, and injuries.
      • Each day, 25-40 students receive medication at each school clinic.
      • During the 2022-23 school year, the School Nurses:
        • Cared for 140,530 students and staff
        • Assisted 36,517 students with medication
        • Performed 34,418 special procedures (such as blood sugar checks, respiratory treatments, catheterizations, tube feedings, etc.).
      • Fayette County has 25 school clinics.


Last Modified on September 1, 2023