About Sandy Creek High School

  • Sandy Creek High School was built in 1991 in order to relieve overcrowding from Fayette County High School and McIntosh High School. Today, Sandy Creek High School has over 1,200 students and has won numerous state championships in a variety of sports. Sandy Creek continues to excel academically as well as through athletics. 

    Each year, the Georgia Governor's Office of Student Achievement recognizes outstanding public schools for high academic performance. The state awards are given in two categories: greatest gain, for schools that showed the greatest improvement in scores on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) or the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT), and/or highest performance, for schools that demonstrated the highest achievement on the CRCT or GHSGT. Sandy Creek High School was the only school to earn an award in each. A total of 370 awards were given state-wide. 

    Sandy Creek High School has also received a Platinum award for greatest gain. Only North Fayette and SCHS received Platinum awards in this category. These two schools made AYP for three consecutive years with a minimum of 35 percent of students exceeding standards and scoring in the 98th percentile of greatest gains.

    Sandy Creek High School continously strives to provide students with the best teachers, as well as the best facilities. Some of these facility improvements include a new state of the art TV studio and a redesigned Media Center. 

    Sandy Creek is an authorized International Baccalaureate World School, and we started our IB Diploma Program in Fall 2020. Sandy Creek is also a Pre-AP Partner School. We offer a Pre-AP curriculum, and we participated in the initial launch of the Pre-AP Courses, providing critical feedback to the College Board.

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Last Modified on September 17, 2020