• Welcome to the Sandy Creek Counselors' Page

    We are happy that you are taking your time to review our site. We hope that you will find helpful information here. Please also note that we have a Facebook page that is updated on a more frequent basis than this site. Be sure to check it out as time allows.  https://www.facebook.com/sandycreekcounselors


    In order to succeed in school most students need to put forth their best effort consistently. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Regular attendance
    • Being punctual
    • Bringing school materials to class consistently (including charged Chromebooks and the accessories that go with the Chromebook)
    • Listening to and following staff members' directions
    • Paying attention in class and taking notes
    • Turning in completed homework on time
    • Reviewing their class notes daily

    Students also need to have their basic needs met. These include but are not limited to:

    • Enough nutritious food to eat
    • Enough uninterrupted sleep (Most teens need between 8-10 hours of sleep nightly according to the National Sleep Foundation)
    • Encouragement when they struggle
    • Appropriate discipline when they are not fulfilling their obligations in earning their education
    • To be told frequently that they are loved and valued
    • To be reminded that learning is work and sometimes work is hard
    • Having to work hard is not an acceptable reason to give up and quit

    School counselors understand that there are times when what students need in order to succeed in school is not always readily accessible to them. When students require help in meeting these essential needs, school counselors work to help. Parents and legal guardians are encouraged to contact their child's school counselor via the counselor's email address if any concerns or questions arise. Counselors work hard to answer e-mails within a 24-hour time period except for weekends, holidays and summer break.


    Professional School Counselor Staff

    Students are assigned to certified professional school counselors by the student's last name. Please work with the school counselor assigned to you.

    A-D          Mrs. Rebecca Hill          hill.rebecca@mail.fcboe.org

    E-J           Mrs. Vivian Dunn          dunn.vivian@mail.fcboe.org

    K-Rd         Mr. Jihad Pratt             pratt.jihad@mail.fcboe.org

    Re-Z         Ms. Sharon Barrow      barrow.sharon@mail.fcboe.org

    The Creek Counseling Department is also home to an administrative assistant and a graduation assistant.

    Mrs. Marci Foster          Administrative Assistant          foster.marci@mail.fcboe.org                                     (Student records and other tasks)

    Ms. Wendy Dossie         Graduation Assistant               dossie.wendy@mail.fcboe.org                                (Facilitates credit recovery classes utilizing the Edgenuity program - Students must see their assigned counselor to enroll in any credit recovery class.)       


    9th Grade Parent Info. Night


    Dual Enrollment Student/Parent Information Mandatory Meetings

    Students and parents are required to attend at least one district Dual Enrollment information meeting by May 1 of the year preceeding the student registering for any DE class. Dates will be released as soon as they are received by the district.

    Advanced Placement (AP) Information Night

     Students and parents are required to attend at least one school-site Advanced Placement information meeting during the year preceeding the student applying for any AP class. For more information contact your school counselor or Mrs. Washington.