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    Students are assigned to certified professional school counselors by the student's last name. Please work with the school counselor assigned to you.

    A-D         Mr. Jihad Pratt              pratt.jihad@mail.fcboe.org        

    E-J          Mrs. Vivian Dunn*          dunn.vivian@mail.fcboe.org  

    K-Rd       Mrs. Rebecca Hill          hill.rebecca@mail.fcboe.org 

    Re-Z       Ms. Sharon Barrow        barrow.sharon@mail.fcboe.org


    Admin. Asst./Records                 Mrs. Marci Foster                        foster.marci@mail.fcboe.org

    Graduation Assistant                  Ms. Wendy Dossie                      dossie.wendy@mail.fcboe.org

    * Lead Counselor                     


    School Code for SAT/ACT 113052


    770-969-2844 FAX