High School Graduation Requirements

High School Sample Plan Grid

  • Below is a sample four-year plan. Please refer to the course description guide of your high school to see what Advanced Placement or academic electives will be offered each year. Courses meeting the HOPE Rigor requirement are denoted with a dagger (†):

    Subject  Units  9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade
    English/LA  4 9th Grade Lit/Comp 10th Grade Lit/Comp Am. Lit/Comp or AP Language Br. Lit/Comp or AP Literature
    Math  4 Coor. Alg or Acc. Coor. Alg/Geom A or Acc. Geom B/Adv. Alg Analytic Geom, or Acc. Geom B/Adv. Alg, or AP Stat† Advanced Algebra or Acc. Pre-Calc Pre-Calc or AP Calc or AP Stat
    Science  4 Biology Chemistry†, Env. Science, or Earth Systems Physics, STEM Physics or AP Physics AP Science, Env. Science, Earth Systems, Chem, Human Anatomy or Forensics
    Social Studies  3  -- World History or AP World History† US History or AP US History† Am. Gov/Econ or AP Gov† or AP Macro†
    Health/PE  1 Health & Personal Fitness --  --  --
    CTAE/Foreign Language/Fine Arts  3 Courses including at least 2 years of Foreign Language*, and/or Fine Arts, and/or CTAE.  Advanced Foreign Language classes count for HOPE rigor criteria (i.e. Spanish II and beyond, French II and beyond, German II and beyond)
    Electives  4 Classes of choice including possibilities for additional academic courses
    Total Units  23        

    *Students planning to attend a University System of Georgia institution must take a minimum of two units of the same Foreign Language

    Key to Abbreviations:
    Alg = Algebra
    Am = American
    Br = British
    Calc = Calculus
    Econ = Economics
    Env = Environmental
    Geom = Geometry
    Gov = Government
    Macro = Macroeconomics
    Stat = Statistics