• AP Exam Dates
    Advanced Placement examinations will be administered May 1-5 and May 8-12, 2023.

    AP Exam Payment Deadline 
    All students enrolled in AP courses at McIntosh High School are required to pay for and take the corresponding AP exam. In accordance with the exam deadlines set by the College Board, fees are now being collected and the deadline for full payment is February 28, 2023.

    AP Exam Fees
    Exams are $97 each; however, students enrolled in AP STEM courses will have one AP exam paid for by the state of Georgia with each additional exam (STEM and non-STEM) being $97.00 per exam.  AP STEM courses include Biology, Calculus AB and BC, Chemistry, Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, Environmental Science, Physics 1, Physics 2, and Statistics. AP Seminar and AP Research are not considered STEM courses, and the fee for each of these AP Capstone courses is $145.

    AP Exam Payment Schedule
    In an effort to minimize the financial impact on families, students taking multiple AP courses may divide their exam fees out over the course of several months. Should you prefer to make one payment, please submit the total amount due by the November 30th payment due date. 

    1 AP course - $97 due November 30, 2022
    2 AP courses - Additional $97 due December 16, 2022
    3 AP courses - Additional $97 due January 20, 2023
    4 or more AP courses - Balance of test fees due February 28, 2023

    AP Cancellation and Late Registration Fees
    Please note:  If a student does not take an AP exam that was ordered for him/her, College Board will assess a $40 unused/canceled exam fee. If a student does not register in AP Classroom by November 15th, a $40 late fee will be applied.

    Payment Instructions
    Checks are the preferred payment form and should be made payable to McIntosh High School. Please include your child's name and " AP exam fees" in the memo section of the check.  Cash and money orders may also be accepted. To ensure your student's AP fees are credited correctly, please have your student deliver all payments to Mrs. Reeves-Johnson, our bookkeeper, in the front office in an envelope labeled with his/her full name, grade level and "AP exam fees." 

    You may track your payments by referring to your child's "Fees" tab in the parent portal of Infinite Campus. If you think your child qualifies for a fee reduction, please fill out the Request for AP Exam Fee Reduction form at AP Fee reduction request 2022-23. Once a fee reduction is verified, a revised fee letter will be given to the student for the corrected total amount due.