Pre-Arranged Absences & Extended Absences Due to Illness

  • Pre-Arranged Absence Procedures:

    Pre-Arranged Absence forms will be issued only after a written request with parent signature is made to the principal.  Parent written requests must be received by the principal a minimum of 3 school days before the date of absence. This request must describe the educational nature of the absence(s).   All pre-arranged absence forms must be completed and on file before the date(s) of absence. The principal’s decision is final on all pre-arranged absence requests.


    • Pre-Arranged absences are applicable only to trips that are considered educational in nature.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to inform the teacher(s) of the dates of the pre-arranged absence.
    • Teachers are not required to prepare assignments in advance for students who are anticipating days of absence.
    • The student will be permitted to make up any assignments missed while absent.
    • Arrangements to make up assignments must be completed by the student no later than 5 days after returning from the absence(s).
    • Pre-arranged absences are limited to one request per semester.
    • At the high school level, these absences will count against the attendance policy.


    Extended Absence Due To Illness/Homebound:

    The Fayette County Board of Education provides a homebound teacher for students who are absent for long periods of time (10 days or longer) because of prolonged illness.  Parents should notify the Guidance Office to request the services of a homebound teacher. Students are placed on homebound status upon receipt of required documentation. Students are considered present each day if they are seen by the homebound instructor for the minimum number of hours required per week.  Students are not eligible for homebound services if absences are due to communicable diseases. Parents should initiate this process as soon as possible to prevent loss of instructional support for students.