Fayette County Schools - Parent Digital Resources

  • As a parent at Fayette County Schools you have access to several platforms for information, communication, and access to resources. The following information will explain how you can access these vital tools:

    • Infinite Campus
    • Schoology
    • MySchoolBucks
    • VersaTrans Bus App

    PLEASE NOTE:  It is important to follow each step of the instructions carefully for each platform to correctly set up your parent account. Student accounts are created automatically when students are first registered in our system; it is NOT necessary to set up student accounts manually. 

Infinite Campus: Student Information System

  • infinite campus logo Infinite Campus

    The Campus Parent portal is your source for a variety of student and family records, including household and individual contact information, attendance, school-based fees, academic planning (high school), forms, and report cards. The Parent portal also provides access to the GaDOE SLDS Portal. This must be done first, as the username you create in Infinite Campus is shared with the Schoology platform. Because each login reflects the person associated with the username, we recommend that you create a separate account for each parent.  Usernames may contain ONLY the following characters: Letter, number, underscore, dash.  Important: Please refrain from creating a username that is all digits, as that will interfere with student data here in our district.  After completing the setup of your parent portal account, please allow 24 hours for your new account information to be sent to Schoology before attempting to log into your Schoology parent account.

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    Apps are also available in the Apple App Store and Google Play

Schoology: Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Schoology logo Schoology

    To access Schoology, parents must create an Infinite Campus parent portal account FIRST.  See info on Infinite Campus setup above.

    Schoology is a virtual learning environment for K-12 schools that allows teachers to create, manage, and share academic content. Once your child’s courses are available, you will be able to review them and see associated info.

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    Apps are also available in the Apple App Store and Google Play

MySchoolBucks: Online Lunch Payments

  • MySchoolBucks logo MySchoolBucks

    Fayette County Public Schools' School Nutrition Program is pleased to be able to offer a great way for parents to keep up with their student's lunch money account.

    MySchoolBucks (formerly MyLunchMoney) is the nation's leading site for updating and managing your child's school expenses. Access your online account, deposit funds and conveniently and securely maintain your family's school-time budget and spending.

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Versatrans: My Stop Mobile App

  • Versatrans logo


    Fayette County Public Schools now provides a web-based app that allows parents and students to use their computer or smartphone to view the current location of their assigned school bus and its current "live" route status.

    The application is called "Versatrans My Stop" and it is provided free of charge by the school system. It will operate on any computer as a web page, iPad®, iPhone®, Tablet, or Android™ mobile device.

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Help Tickets for Parents

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    Ask for help!

    Technical help is available by opening a support ticket.  We are currently experiencing a high volume of tickets and will respond as soon as we are able; please expect a delay in a response, especially during the first few weeks of school.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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    Please remember that your child is subject to all Fayette County Schools’ Technology Acceptable Use Rules 
    as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct