Attendance & Submitting Excused Notes

  • Students are expected to attend school the full school day.  

    Students should be in class by the 8:35AM tardy bell.  

    Unsupervised students are to leave campus by 4:00PM. 

    Students should arrive on campus no earlier than 8:00 AM unless they have a scheduled appointment with a teacher. 

    MHS operates a Closed Campus – 

    Students must remain on the school grounds from the time of arrival until the time of dismissal.  Students who leave school grounds must sign out with parent permission through the Attendance Office.  When students return to campus, they must sign in through the Attendance Office.  All parking lots are off limits to students during the school day unless permission is received through the front office receptionist.


    Excused Absences 

      • Students who have been absent are required to submit written excuse notes within THREE (3) school days to the Attendance Office after the absence. After the three-day period, the absence is considered unexcused.


    • After five (5) personal notes written by the parent/guardian for excused absences, doctors’ notes will be required to excuse future absences.


    • Students who do not submit acceptable excuse notes within the required 3 days will have their absences will be marked “unexcused.”  
    • The State Department of Education’s provisions for excused absences are limited to the following reasons: 
    1. personal illness 
    2. serious illness or death in the immediate family 
    3. documented court appearance/government order, including pre-induction into the military
    4. special/recognized religious holiday observed by student’s faith that requires absence from school
    5. conditions in which attendance is impossible or hazardous to student health or safety as determined by the FCBOE.
    6. absence to vote in an election
    7. absence of up to five (5) days per year for students of parents serving  in  the military who are being deployed or are on leave

    Students must be present for the equivalent of half of the student’s instructional day to be considered present for the day.

    • Students may not participate in an after-school, extra-curricular activity if they are absent from school on the day of the activity.  Activities include, but are not limited to, practice, athletic games, dances and plays. 


    Written notes may be submitted to the attendance clerk, through the attendance box in the front office, or via email to: 

    Please attach a scanned note to all emailed submissions.  All notes, regardless of submission method, must include the student name, the date of the attendance event, the reason for the attendance event, the parent/guardian name, and the parent/guardian/doctor signature.  Emails that do not include the attachment of a signed note will not be accepted.  


    For further information on the attendance policy, please see the Student Handbook.