Extracurricular Clubs

  • Extracurricular clubs are listed below. Use the menu on the left to find more clubs.

    Academic Team (Competitive Club)


    Lynne Bruschetti - bruschetti.lynne@fcboe.org

    The Academic Team is a competitive group that competes in meets throughout the year. Members practice regularly to increase their knowledge on a variety of topics.




    Lisa Love - love.lisa@fcboe.org  

    Diana Le - le.diana@fcboe.org

    MHS Ambassadors work with students who are new to MHS to help them make a smooth transition. Our Ambassadors often provide new students and their parents with their first impression of McIntosh. We participate in activities such as school tours for new students, act as peer buddies to students who may be struggling socially, invite new students to attend school events or to come along with our members to clubs in which they participate. We also provide volunteer services to the school by guiding parents at Orientation, participating in community and school service projects, and other events as needed by administration. Membership is by application.


    Animal Care


    Jennifer Scott - scott.jennifer@fcboe.org

    Our mission is to provide compassionate care and support for animals in need, advocating for their welfare, promoting responsible pet ownership, educating, and having fun! We are committed to making a positive impact and transforming the lives of animals and our fellow students. We have fun and educational programs, fundraising events, hands-on learning experiences, guest speakers, and volunteer opportunities. We partner with local shelters, organizations, and more! Enhance college apps, discover your passion, and form friendships!

    (You get to play with animals!!!)


    Black Student Union


    Anna Lee Harbison- harbison.anna@fcboe.org

    To provide a safe space for black students to learn, evolve, and participate in their community


    Chess Club


    Arthur Walton - walton.arthur@fcboe.org

    To introduce chess as a way to develop thinking strategies as part of gaming

    Meets every Wednesday morning except for faculty meeting dates


    Drug Free Fayette Youth Action Team


    Wendy Mabon - mabon.wendy@fcboe.org

    This club is made up of students who want to positively influence their peers and promote a healthy environment in Fayette County Schools.  This team was implemented in response to a rise in the number of youths vaping in Fayette County. It brings awareness to the harmful effects of drug misuse including vaping through anti-vaping communication campaigns. 


    Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Students


    Bunky Colvin - colvin.bunky@fcboe.org

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Students is a student-directed club where students gather to support each other in their Christian faith. The club seeks to build relationships that demonstrate a steadfast commitment to their faith through integrity, service, teamwork, and excellence. FCA aims to be a place that engages, equips, and empowers students, coaches, and athletes.




    Lynne Bruschetti - bruschetti.lynne@fcboe.org

    To provide a safe place for students of all genders, religions, race, and sexuality to bond, participate in fun activities, and create friendships


    HOSA: Future Health Professionals 


    Jackie Burgess- burgess.jacqueline@fcboe.org

    HOSA is the career and technical student organization (CTSO) for students:
    Who are, or have been, enrolled in the MHS healthcare science program.
    Who are interested in, or are planning to pursue, a career in the health professions. (You do not have to be in the healthcare pathway in order to join.)
    The mission of HOSA is to empower its members “to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience.” Students gain experience through chapter activities (guest speakers, homecoming parade, community service activities, etc.) and the HOSA Competitive Events Program (Fall and State Leadership Conferences). These events are held at regional, state, and national levels. Additionally, students can take on leadership roles as officers at the local, state, or national level.


    Interact Club


    Taylor Steen- steen.taylor@fcboe.org  

    To bring together young people and develop leadership skills


    Key Club


    Jennifer Scott- scott.jennifer@fcboe.org  

    To promote community service


    Knitting and Crochet Club


    Anna Lee Harbison - harbison.anna@fcboe.org

    The purpose of the Knitting and Crochet Club is to help teach students how to knit, crochet, or engage in other crafts for the purpose of improving mental health and expanding skills. We hope to give students a way to meet new people outside of their grade and therefore build community within our school among people with similar interests (i.e. crafting and the woolen arts). We plan to use our talents to create projects that will be donated to various organizations and members of our community as a way to create a purpose for our talents. Ultimately, we also hope to just have fun learning new skills that can become life-long hobbies. 


    McIntosh Athletic Advisory Committee (M.A.A.C.)


    Leon Hammond - hammond.leon@fcboe.org

    The McIntosh Athletic Advisory Committee is comprised of student-athletes from all athletic extracurricular activities at McIntosh High School. The purpose of this group is to amplify the voice of our student-athletes, as it relates to improving the student experience, facilities, and exposure. It is our mission to be of service to our community through volunteerism and charitable efforts. 


    McIntosh Young Entrepreneurs


    Allen Beall - beall.allen@fcboe.org

    To educate high school students about entrepreneurship and assist them in their own entrepreneurial pursuits




    TaMesha Hickey - hickey.tamesha@fcboe.org 

    Mentoring is an opportunity for high school students to make a positive impact on the life of a child. The program focuses on assisting children in developing relationship skills, building positive life skills, and improving academic proficiencies. This could be as simple as reading a book with a student, helping them with their homework, or playing a board game. Mentors meet with students at our local elementary schools before school (7:15am-7:40am) or after school (4:00pm-5:00 pm) with students in the After School Program (ASP).




    Donnie Bates - bates.donnie@fcboe.org

    Betsy Hutson - hutson.betsy@fcboe.org

    PALS Website

    Regular meetings are held during lunch. Other organized events will be before and after school. Students may come for any part of that time as transportation allows. Chatting with friends, snacking on breakfast food, and announcement of upcoming events will take place. Social activities will be scheduled after school each month  on various afternoons. Time and date will be decided by members.  Previous events have included Bingo, Halloween Party, Board Game Day, Homecoming poster making, attend MHS sports events. Teachers will be present. Club members may be allowed to volunteer at Fayette County Special Olympics in the spring if they meet requirements of participation and grades. All students may join and experience friendships at MHS.  Dues of $10.00 will be collected in order to receive a P.A.L.S. T shirt.. Scholarships are available.


    PTSO Club


    Bree Heaton - heaton.bree@fcboe.org

    To aid and support the PTSO and to operate the Outpost (school store)


    Sources of Strength


    Janell Brown - brown.janell@fcboe.org  

    To provide the highest quality evidence-based prevention for suicide, violence, bullying and substance abuse by training, supporting, and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their world through the power of connection, hope, and strength


    The Unity Project


    Aaron Rafter- rafter.aaron@fcboe.org

    The Unity Project is a club whose purpose is to engage in and initiate volunteer projects within our community.