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    Beta Club


    Brandon Kunz - kunz.brandon@mail.fcboe.org

    Alysa Johnson - johnson.alysa@mail.fcboe.org

    To promote and reward student character, service, leadership and achievement

    Requirements for Membership Beta Club

    Students must have at least a 90 average to be invited to join. There will be no rounding up. Students will be invited to join second semester of their sophomore year. They must maintain a 90 average and complete 10 hours of community service per semester to be an active member.  The community service must be itemized and signed by the supervising person of that specific activity or a teacher.  Students are expected to attend all Beta Club meetings; however, the majority of communication will occur through Blackboard.  


    Beta Documents and Links

    Beta Club Application

    Beta Club Officers Application


    National Honor Society


    Brooke Lloyd - lloyd.brooke@mail.fcboe.org

    Kelley Flournoy- flournoy.kelley@mail.fcboe.org

    Junior and Seniors with an unweighted GP of 93 or higher are invited to join once per year. Students must not only meet academic requirements, but must also have a leadership role in a campus or community organization in order to be approved for NHS. NHS members volunteer and work to raise money for local Fayette County organizations throughout the year.

    Requirements for National Honor Society

    National Honor Society students will be invited to apply first semester of the junior year. At the end of spring semester sophomore year, students must have a 93 average to quality for National Honor Society. There will be no rounding up. The student must also be active in at least 2 school or community activities, in which the student demonstrates leadership in one or more of those activities in an elected or appointed office, or present evidence of leadership in some capacity. There should be no incidents of academic dishonesty or flagrant disregard of school or community rules. Students will also need teacher recommendations. A student is invited to apply to National Honor Society due to his/her GPA; however, he/she must meet the requirements of leadership, service, character, and teacher recommendations. Active membership requires that all criteria should be maintained as well as participating in National Honor Society related projects. Students will be expected to earn 10 hours of community service.

                              NHS Documents and Links

    HS Tally Sheet


    NHS Rejection Appeals Process

    Society Bylaws


    National Spanish Honor Society


    Lectore Zamore - zamore.lectore@mail.fcboe.org

    To recognize students for their scholarship in the Hispanic language and society.


    National Technical Honor Society


    Lauren Bozone - bozone.lauren@mail.fcboe.org

    Carmen Yarbrough - yarbrough.carmen@mail.fcboe.org

    To recognize student excellence and offer scholarship opportunities in career and technical education (Architecture, Business Ed., Construction, Engineering, Family & Consumer Sciences, Graphic Design, and Healthcare Sciences.)


    National English Honor Society


    Shery Kearney - kearney.shery@mail.fcboe.org

    To recognize students for their high achievement in the English language and literature.


    Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society


    Christopher Flournoy - flournoy.christopher@mail.fcboe.org

    To recognize students for their keen interest and outstanding achievement of mathematics.


    Tri-M Music Honor Society


    Barbara Baker - baker.barbara@mail.fcboe.org

    To recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel of music and leadership.


    National French Honor Society


    Amanda Breland - breland.amanda@mail.fcboe.org

    To recognize students for their scholarship, leadership and service in the French language and culture.


    National German Honor Society


    Kevin Keough - keough.kevin@mail.fcboe.org

    To recognize students for their scholarship, leadership and service in the German language and culture.


    National Art Honor Society


    Carisa Green - green.carisa@mail.fcboe.org

    To recognize students who demonstrate excellence and interest in visual arts.


    Science National Honor Society


    Stephanie Sisk - sisk.stephanie@mail.fcboe.org

    Jane Welch - welch.jane@mail.fcboe.org

    To encourage participation in and recognition of scientific and intellectual thought