• Social Studies Clubs




    Ward Abel - abel.ward@mail.fcboe.org

    Edmodo: https://edmo.do/j/obw1et

    To develop the skills of debate to build a foundation for participation in democracy.


    History Club


    Laurette Edenfield - edenfield.laurette@mail.fcboe.org

    To encourage the study and understanding of historical events.


    Japan Cultural Club


    Casey Kreitner - kreitner.casey@mail.fcboe.org

    To educate and immerse members in Japanese culture so that members may become more culturally proficient with emphasis on the main aspects of Japanese culture, language, and its holidays


    Korean American Student Association


    Arthur Walton - walton.arthur@mail.fcboe.org

    The purpose of KASA is to give students of all backgrounds an opportunity to experience and explore the Korean culture and to share and celebrate Korean heritage.  


    The Middle Eastern Club


    Barbara Baker - baker.barbara@mail.fcboe.org

    Students at MHS will learn more about the Middle Eastern culture and will participate in community service projects.  


    Mock Trial


    Sara Knight - knight.sara@mail.fcboe.org

    To help students gain a basic understanding of the legal mechanism through which society chooses to resolve many of its disputes. We get a case that includes 6 witness statements, case law, and a whole bunch of conflicting evidence.  We prepare BOTH sides of the case and when we go to competition we compete against other schools in real courtrooms with real judges and attorneys evaluating the performance.  The way it works is our prosecution would take on another school's defense team and vice versa.  The team has 12 speaking parts and two time keepers.  It's better than debate in many ways because it is an actual, practical real life environment to develop skills.  Students learn a tremendous amount about law, courtroom proceedings, how to prepare witnesses, vocabulary, critical thinking, creative analysis, document analysis, and etiquette.


    Model UN


    John Steiner - steiner.john@mail.fcboe.org

    The Model UN team competes with other schools around the state in public speaking and negotiating skills. Students research topics in global policy and act as diplomats from different countries' points of view. Students discuss issues in conference and suggest policies on how to remedy global problems. Students gain an understanding of civics, current events, globalization and diplomacy through research, debate, deliberation, consultation, and development of solutions to world problems.


    Multi-Cultural Club


    Theresa Togneri - togneri.theresa@mail.fcboe.org

    To promote an increased understanding of diverse cultures through exploration and celebration of tradition, language, and heritage.


    Student Government


    Janet Hansen - hansen.janet@mail.fcboe.org

    The Student Government Association plans student events such as homecoming and prom and we raise money for school improvements. Our biggest fundraiser is the Miss MHS pageant in the spring. Officers are elected by their peers and they act as the liaison between students and the administration. We really want to encourage freshman participation as it's always kind of low for our new students. 


    Global Citizens Club


    Arthur Walton- walton.arthur@mail.fcboe.org

    To promote greater awareness of the global community


    We The People


    Mark Kienast - kienast.mark@mail.fcboe.org

    To provide a bipartisan forum for the memorialization and discussion of major events in American politics and history. 


    World Religion Club


    Aaron Rafter - rafter.aaron@mail.fcboe.org

    To learn about and embrace the significant characters and stories of the many religions of the world


    Young Democrats


    Mark Kienast - kienast.mark@mail.fcboe.org

    To advance the ideals of the Democratic Party by discussing relevant issues and supporting Democratic candidates.


    Young Libertarians


    Ward Abel - abel.ward@mail.fcboe.org

    To provide a forum for the promotion and discussion of libertarian ideals and to honor our founding fathers and their creation of the Constitution of the United States.


    Young Republicans


    Bunky Colvin - colvin.bunky@mail.fcboe.org

    To advance the ideals of the Republican Party by discussing relevant issues and supporting Republican candidates.