• The application window is now open. Please click here to access the Application Form and submit online. Please note that this form will not auto-save. Please make sure you have adequate time to fill it out, including the writing prompts.

    If you prefer to fill out our form online, then print and mail out to Ms. Grewe, please follow this link. You can also email it to her at grewe.karina@mail.fcboe.org with Application to the IB Program in the subject line. 

    Any rising Junior in Fayette county is eligible to apply to the IB Program at Sandy Creek High School.

    Note: If you are interested in completing a pathway AND being an IB Diploma student, you can now apply for the Environmental Systems and Societies course as one of your SL courses. This course will be taught your Senior year, thus allowing you to complete three years of a pathway. For more information, contact Ms. Grewe.