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    Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)

    Teacher: Elizabeth Pegg

    The goal of FACS is to provide all students with an introduction to the Family and Consumer Sciences Career Pathways. In this course, students will experience a variety of activities that will promote self-awareness, leadership and teamwork; and the development of other skills needed to achieve personal goals relating to family home, career and community.


    Teacher: Dana Zillweger


    Teacher: Dr. Steve Hutchinson

    Computer Literacy Class is an exciting opportunity for students of all levels to expand their computer knowledge. Typing skills, Microsoft Office Suite, Internet safety and skills and computer hardware terms are just a few of the topics that are covered.


    Teacher: Tom Halpin


    Teacher: Lauren Altizer

    Spanish I is an introductory course to Spanish, which provides a thematic and communicative approach to the language. The instructional units develop communicative proficiency, critical thinking and cultural awareness. Each unit is set in a different Spanish-speaking country to excite students about new places and the new things they are going to learn.Students should know over 1,000 Spanish words by the end of the school year.

    PE Department

    Teachers: Derrick Laney, Deanise Myers, Dustin Lyle and Natalie Waller

    Physical Education (PE): Particpation and effort are the cornerstones of our PE program. Students who participate to the best of their ability on a daily basis and are cooperative with other studetns and the staff will succeed. Physical fitness is the foundation of personal health and wellness. Physical education students will participate in a variety of fitness activities each 9 weeks. Team games and activities will also be taught to build personal skills, sportsmanship and teamwork.

    Project Adventure (PA): Project Adventure includes a variety of cooperative games, problem solving/teamwork activities, low-level elements (ground to 12') and high-level ropes course elements (25'-40' high). Participation on the high-level elements require the students to wear a safety harness and helmet. Participation on the high-level lelments is optional; your child will not be penalized by choosing not to participate in the high elements. One of the most important concern with this progam SAFETY. All instructors who teach PA are fully qualified to successfully implement the program by meeting training and experience criteria. The latest protective devices and safety procedures are employed with all high ropes course activities and there will always be spotting used in all low-level elements as well.

    Environmental Science

    Teacher: Ron Mann

    Environmental Science explains the interaction of biotic and abiotic factors and analyzes their effect from both a alocal and global perspective. Environmental Science also contains elements that describe the effects of natural an man-made factors on the environment and the living organisms within the ecosystem. Standards are addresse by grade level within each lesson from and environmental point of view. Students will learn why it is important to understand environmental issues on the local level but work toward a global response.

    Math Connections

    Teacher: Angela McDaniel

    Math Connections is a supportive math class. Students will receive instruction in concepts that parallel those taught in their regular math class in an effort to increase their overall achievement and understanding. Review and reinforcement of basic skills will also be a focus.


    Reading Connections

    Teacher: Katy Sweat

    Reading Connections is a supportive Reading class.