• Postive Behavior Plan (PBP)


    PBP at FCHS
    Fayette County High School has implemented a school-wide Positive Behavior Plan. The students are intentionally taught how to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe using a positive behavior matrix which describes appropriate behaviors in the various locations in our building. Students will then be asked to practice those appropriate behaviors and will be praised for their performance. Teachers, administrators, and other staff members will distribute Tiger Tokens to students to positively reinforce appropriate behaviors.

    Students may then exchange their collected Tiger Tokens for various privileges and prizes to encourage further appropriate behavior. Some of the prizes may include: coupons at local restaurants, a space in the faculty parking lot, a custom designed t-shirt, a locker on the main (2000) hall, and tickets to school events.


    Click here to view the PBP Matrix


    Please contact Betty Zander-Velloso via email at zander-velloso.betty@mail.fcboe.org for donation opportunities and for more information about this program.