• Scholarships

    We are currently in the process of transitioning scholarship information to the Naviance platform.  From this platform students are able to explore and apply to college, complete self assessments, and search for scholarships.  The platform can be accessed at: www.naviance.com  Students can login using their school email addresses as the username.  The password would be the password for their email accounts.  Once in the program, students would click on the Colleges tab in the upper right corner.  They would then scroll down to the "Scholarships and Money" tab and click it to be taken to our current scholarship info.


    Scholarship Info for Juniors

    Please visit www.questbridge.org for information about a scholarship program for juniors.
    Please note that this is informational only and not sponsored by Fayette County High School.


    Scholarship Info for Seniors

    Local Scholaships
    To apply for local scholarships, please click here to print the application. Complete the form and turn into the counseling office.


    Student Scholarship Search


    HOPE Scholarship
    Click here to check your preliminary eligibility now.

    Follow these steps:

      1. Select "Your HOPE GPA" from the homepage.
      2. Log in to your account. (Be sure your social security number is in your profile.)
      3. Select the first letter of your high school name.
      4. Select high school name

    Federal Student Aid
    Visit the website


    Scholarship Scams
    Beware of scams! Click here to read these important warnings.


    A comprehensive directory of merit scholarships and academic scholarships from colleges across the country. www.meritaid.com.