Community Partners

  • It's a joy and pleasure that the PTSCO could come together with the Garden Club and be of assistance to make this dream become a reality! We thank all of the volunteers who came to support the first Courtyard clean-up! Mr. Ba Tran, Dr. Brian Harmon, Mr. Oneka Lyles, Mr. Chris McCord, Mrs. Melinda Poff, Mr. Robert Balsalm, Mr. Lamar Hobbs, Mrs. Deborah Tinsley, and our Garden Club students, we appreciate you and all of your hard work! Our 2nd Courtyard clean-up is scheduled for May 22nd from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m., and we welcome you and others to join us in finalizing this project! 

    The PTSCO would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Graddy, who are parents of FCHS Alumni Stacey and Dan, for donating Japanese Maple Trees. They have been planted and beautifying each courtyard! 

    Japanese Maple Trees

    The Home Depot in Riverdale, GA donated 14 Perennials that were planted around our digital sign, in front of the school. This gave the grounds a pop of color that can be enjoyed by the stakeholders and visitors as they drive onto the campus. We thank them very much for the donation!


    FCHS PTSCO would like to thank Scott with Lowes in Fayetteville, GA for giving us a large discount on 4 x 8 x 16 concrete blocks! This made us able to replace all of the rotten wood in our courtyards and around the school to make things safer for our students!

    Thank You Scott with Lowes!Thank you Scott with Lowes!

    FCHS Alumni Matt, Assistant Manager with Home Depot in Newnan, GA, was not going to be outdone! He graciously donated 4 heavy duty water hoses and 4 deluxe sprinklers to the Garden Club! This will help keep the plants hydrated and looking beautiful! We thank him so much for his kindness!

    Thank you Alumni Matt!