WTGR The Morning Roar

  • The Morning Roar


    Welcome to the Morning Roar at WTGR!

    Watch the Morning Broadcast.


    Steps for submitting an announcement request:


    ** Only FCHS faculty and staff may submit a request **


    1. All morning announcements must be turned in via the WTGR Announcement Request. No handwritten or paper submissions will be accepted. Announcements sent to trask.james will not be added to the daily script.

    2. Morning announcements must be turned in no later than 10:00AM the day before they are to be read.

    3. The text of what is to be read must be placed into quotation marks. It will be read exactly as it is written. Please do not use bullets or short hand.

    4. Last minute or emergency announcements (such as cancelled activities due to weather) will not be read during this time and instead will go through the Assistant Principals.