Schedule Change Requests

  • If you are in need of a schedule change, complete the schedule change request form. If you are requesting a schedule change, there are valid reasons for you to request a schedule change.

    Requests for a schedule change will only be approved for the following reasons: 

    • The student is in the wrong level of class. 
    • The student has already passed the class.
    • The student is missing a core class. 
    • The student is missing (EMPTY) class in his/her schedule.

    Requests for a schedule change will NOT be approved for the following reasons:

    • The student wants to change an elective preference.
    • The student wants another teacher.
    • The student wants a different lunch period.
    • The student has changed his/her mind about taking the course.
    • The student wants to change the order of his/her classes.
    • The student has friends in another class.

    If a schedule change is needed based on the approved reasons, a student can complete a schedule change form. The schedule change form must be completed using your FCBOE email account and the following link: schedule change request form.

    Only FCHS students will need to complete this form. If you are a dual-enrolled student, you may email your counselor directly for changes or questions relating to dual enrollment. Consideration of schedule changes will be reviewed only through the schedule change form. Valid requests from the google form will be addressed.