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Peeples staff hit the hallways on turkey hunt

The hallways at Peeples Elementary have been buzzing as the staff goes on a turkey hunt.

The School Environment/PBIS Action Team works hard during the year to develop ideas that will put a smile on teachers’ faces and promote positivity throughout the building.

“We host a variety of fun activities during the year, and a school favorite is our annual turkey hunt,” said teacher and team member Betts Eason.

Each morning 12 paper turkeys are hidden throughout the building, and staff members spend time during the day hunting the prized pieces of paper. They record their findings and earn a prize for participating each day.

The goal is to encourage staff to mingle and walk the halls to different areas they may not normally go to or see colleagues they may not see very often.

“Our schools are big and run on tight schedules, and you’d be amazed how little you see some people that work at the same place you do,” said Eason. “Each morning before student arrival the halls are filled with staff hunting turkeys and throughout the day as they fulfill their duties. It’s a great way to put a smile on faces and share in the fun together!”


Posted 11/21/2023