• To participate in athletics at Fayette County High School, students must:

    - Establish eligibilty via grades and residency according to current GHSA rules.

    - Have no current financial obligations to FCHS.

    - Complete required pre-participation physical and history paperwork.

    - Have parents sign student-athlete code of conduct and participation consent form.

    - Submit all required paperwork via Privit prior to tryouts/practicing.

    - Comply with all school, district and GHSA rules.

    - Maintain a high level of sportsmanship at all times.


    Policy for Student-Athletes Changing Teams

    If a student-athlete quits one sport they may not join another team during the same season.  If the student-athlete is cut during try-outs they may try-out for another team during the same season.

    A student-athlete must finish one sport season prior to beginning an additional sport unless both coaches and the student-athlete’s parents work out a pre-arranged plan to allow the student-athlete to participate in an additional sport.  The first sport the player started will take precedence over the subsequent sport.


    Sportsmanship Guide

    Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege.  As a representative of Fayette County High School, student-athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that meets the highest standards at all times.  Engaging in planned instruction and competition teaches good sportsmanship and proper behavior.  It is the responsibility of the administration, staff, coaches, parents and the community at large to create a climate that fosters the development of these behaviors.  This is accomplished by encouraging and modeling positive and appropriate behavior within the sporting environment while, at the same time, striving for excellence. 

    Athletes are required to meet the following expectations:

    1. Be courteous to visiting teams and officials. 
    2. Play hard and to the limit of your ability, regardless of discouragement. True athletes do not give up nor do they argue, cheat, or taunt opponents. 
    3. Retain composure at all times and never leave the bench or enter the playing field/court to engage in a fight. 
    4. Be modest when successful and be gracious in defeat. A true competitor does not offer excuses. 
    5. Maintain a high degree of physical fitness by conscientiously observing team and training rules. 
    6. Demonstrate loyalty to the school by maintaining a high scholastic standing and by participating in or supporting other school activities. 
    7. Play for the love and honor of the game. 
    8. Understand and observe the rules of the game and the standards of eligibility. 
    9. Respect the integrity and judgment of officials and accept their decisions without question. 
    10. Respect the facilities of the host school and demonstrate the behavior expected of guests. 


    School Attendance and Athletic Participation

    A student-athlete must be counted present at school to practice or participate in athletics on any school day.  If a student-athlete misses more than a half-day of school he / she cannot participate in athletics that day.

    It is a Fayette County School system guideline that no one can participate in athletic try-outs, practices, or competitions if they are serving an in-school suspension that continues on the next school day.  The student-athlete may participate on the day his / her in-school suspension ends.

    Example:  The student-athlete is serving an in-school suspension Monday through Thursday.  The student-athlete may resume participation on Thursday after they have been released from the in-school suspension. 

    Fayette County guidelines on out-of-school suspension dictates that student-athletes may not try-out, practice, or compete until the school day after their last day of out-of-school suspension. 

    EX: A student with OSS on Monday through Thursday can participate on Friday.




Last Modified on July 14, 2021