District Assessment Plan

  • Fayette County Public Schools 

    Director of Assessment and Accountability: Erin Yocom 
    Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability: Ashley Brookshaw 
    Back-up Assessment Coordinator: Erin Yocom
    Assessment Assistant: Deborah Davis 
    Back-up Assessment Assistant: N/A 
    Trained Courier: Randy Keyser and Tammy Barber 



    Who signs for materials?

    Erin Yocom or Ashley Brookshaw will sign for the materials. If neither of them are available, Deborah Davis is trained to sign for, handle, and secure materials upon delivery. 

    Where are testing materials stored? 

    Large scale, small scale, locally designed assessment materials, and all support documents are secured in a limited access area at the LaFayette Educational Center (LEC). The area is secured with an alarm when the LEC is closed.  

    Who has access to the test storage area? 

    Erin Yocom, Ashley Brookshaw, and Deborah Davis

    What is your policy regarding handling of test materials? 

    Erin Yocom, Ashley Brookshaw, and Deborah Davis are trained to handle secure testing materials. All employees sign the state required assessment paperwork, and documentation is kept on file at the district level. In addition, the FCPS couriers are responsible for delivering and picking up secure test materials. Both couriers are trained and required to sign assessment security paperwork. 



    Who is responsible for district training? 

    The Director and/or Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability will train all school test coordinators on a yearly basis. GKIDS 2.0 training takes place in July. Milestones, ACCESS, and GAA 2.0 training takes place in the spring, and updates are sent out in August and December, or on an as needed basis. In addition, Schoology, our LMS, is used to communicate information, provide access to materials, and provide support to appropriate system administrators and school test coordinators. New test coordinators will receive additional one-on-one support from the district assessment coordinator after being approved by the Board of Education. 

    At the completion of the district’s Fall School Test Coordinator Training, each school test coordinator is provided with a Fayette County Schools Assessment Plan template. Schools are required to develop, implement, and monitor individualized assessment plans each year. Copies of the completed plans are reviewed and maintained at the district level. 

    How will school test coordinators be trained? 

    School test coordinators are trained at designated testing training meetings. Training sessions are supported by agendas and PowerPoint presentations.

    Who will train support staff (custodians, etc.)? 

    The district director and/or coordinator train support staff. Training is ongoing and takes place on a regular basis. The FCPS couriers are trained on security procedures, maintaining confidentiality of student records, and the importance of keeping the delivery truck locked during all stops. The Office of Assessment and Accountability staff and FCPS trained couriers are the only county employees with access to testing materials. 

    When will support staff be trained? 

    Support staff at the district level are trained at regular intervals as soon as the Director and Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability have been trained.

    How will support staff be trained?

    Support staff will be trained using the same materials that the state provides to train the Director and Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability. 

    What special training do test coordinators receive for testing students with accommodations? 

    This topic is covered at all district testing meetings as it relates to the assessment that is being administered. The district director, coordinator, all school coordinators, all EL staff, and all school special education staff follow the Georgia Department of Education Student Assessment Handbook. Training includes a specific focus on allowable accommodations for each state-mandated assessment. The district also provides an accommodation training PowerPoint for school test coordinators to utilize when training at the school level.  In addition, any examiner and proctor that are assigned to administer the test to students that require accommodations also receive specific training.

    How does the additional training help to prevent irregularities? 

    Training emphasizes the importance of knowing which students need testing accommodations, how to determine which accommodations are needed, and who will provide these accommodations well in advance of testing. In addition, school test coordinators are provided with the Student Assessment Handbook, and any changes are communicated immediately. An internal Form 01 document is also utilized by the district to verify accommodations have been reviewed and correctly coded prior to testing.



    How are test materials counted and prepared? 

    The Fayette County Public School System has completely moved to online testing. However, any paper test materials (Milestones, WIDA ACCESS, WIDA Alternate ACCESS or GAA 2.0) that are received are counted, inventoried, and distributed to the individual school. Materials are kept secure in the Office of Assessment and Accountability. Materials are delivered by a system courier, and the courier collects the signature on the delivery sheet. The chain of possession signature sheets are kept on file. 

    Who prepares testing rosters? 

    School test coordinators prepare testing rosters.

    How far in advance are testing rosters prepared? 

    Testing rosters are prepared well in advance of testing. This procedure allows the school administrator to be sure that he/she knows who will test where, the accommodation(s) that a student should receive, and any additional materials or supports that may be needed. 

    What are the procedures for students that may have different examiners throughout the test? 

    This practice is discouraged in the county; however, if an emergency arises, school test coordinators may have a trained alternate test examiner administer the remainder of the assessment. Consistent training for all examiners ensures consistency for the examinees. All examiners follow the same protocol and receive the same training. 

    What are the procedures ensuring that students get the correct form/version of the test each day? 

    Students receive a unique test ticket for each section of the test that they are taking. The student name and GTID number are printed on the ticket. Students are asked to confirm that their names and test names are accurate and sign the ticket. Having the student check his or her name and test name prior to logging in to the test helps to ensure the student accesses the correct version of the test. 

    What are the check-in and check-out procedures? 

    Signatures of the school administrators are required upon receipt and pickup of test materials from the schools. Test materials can be booklets, answer sheets, or tickets. In addition, each school is required to have a procedure for checking in and checking out materials. 

    What information is required on the check-in and check-out form? 

    The district receipt and sign-off sheet includes the school, the test coordinator signature and the number of boxes or tickets being received or picked up, and the time of delivery or pickup. In addition, each school test coordinator is directed to have each teacher or examiner initial to show when materials are received and returned, they are directed to have the teacher note the time, and they are directed to have the teacher confirm the number of secure test materials (usually tickets) that are being received and returned. Teachers are encouraged to note any discrepancies as materials are checked out and returned. 

    How are test materials prepared? 

    Materials arrive to the district office boxed by school. Materials are inventoried and boxes are sealed. Materials are then prepared for shipment by placing locally developed labels on the boxes for the appropriate schools. 

    How do test coordinators get their materials? 

    Test materials are sent from the assessment office to the school, and these materials are delivered via the FCPS courier. Signatures of each school test coordinator or his/her designee are obtained upon delivery. 

    How are materials returned to the district test coordinator? 

    Test materials are picked up from the school and delivered to the district assessment director and coordinator via an FCPS courier. Signatures of school test coordinators are obtained upon pickup, and materials are inventoried as they are received by the system test coordinator. 



    How do you ensure that certified personnel are administering tests? 

    Only Georgia certified, highly qualified, educators are employed by FCPS. At district training, school test coordinators are reminded that only Georgia certified educators are permitted to administer tests. District and school test coordinators collaborate with the FCPS Human Resources Department to verify teachers possess the appropriate certification.

    How do you ensure that students get their appropriate accommodations? 

    Training of school test coordinators includes the topic of appropriate accommodations that are part of the student’s instructional program on a regular basis and are documented in an IEP, EL-TPC, or Section 504 Plan. 

    How do you ensure that all instructional materials are removed from classroom walls prior to testing? 

    Training of school test coordinators includes the topic of removing instructional materials. This topic is also included on training PowerPoints, and school test coordinators are encouraged to verify that instructional materials have been covered or removed prior to testing sessions. 

    How do you plan for school test coordinators needing assistance during testing?

    Erin Yocom, Ashley Brookshaw, and Deborah Davis are available via office phone, cell phone, or e-mail during testing windows. Site visits are also conducted during testing windows.

    How do you plan to make sure that student answer documents have the correct form number coded? 

    Answer documents are transcribed at the school level, as necessary. An internal Form 01 document must be completed and is utilized as an additional step in confirming the correct form is coded.  

    How do you ensure that school test coordinators actively monitor the school during testing? 

    Training of school test coordinators includes the topic of actively monitoring the school during testing. This topic is also included in training PowerPoints. 

    What things have school test coordinators been trained to look for while monitoring testing? 

    School test coordinators have been trained to look for test examiners walking around the classroom, students cheating, technology usage and materials not being returned immediately after testing. In addition, school test coordinators watch for any testing violations on the part of the examiner and/or proctor. 

    Who oversees reporting and investigating testing irregularities? 

    Test examiners report to school test coordinators. School test coordinators report to district assessment coordinator, and the district assessment coordinator reports to GaDOE via phone and/or portal. 

    How are school test coordinators trained on the proper procedures for “read aloud” accommodations? 

    The district assessment coordinator shares “read aloud” guidelines from the Georgia Department of Education Student Assessment Handbook at pre-administration training sessions. Whenever possible, the “read aloud” accommodation via the computer is utilized to ensure consistency of delivery. 



    How do you ensure that all test cleanup is done in a group with teachers not cleaning up tests for students they teach? 

    All test documents are transcribed into the testing portal, so clean up is not required. When transcription is required, Georgia Department of Education guidance is followed and documented on the appropriate transcription form. 

    How do you ensure that materials are returned promptly at the completion of testing? The Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability maintains dates for material pick up. Materials are picked up shortly after testing and make up testing is complete. 

    How do you ensure test security while materials are in route from system to school and from school to system? 

    The delivery truck is always kept locked during the delivery process. When school test coordinators pick up test materials from the district, they are required to return to their respective schools and lock up the materials immediately. 

    How do you maintain testing confidentiality before, during, and after testing? 

    Strict control over who may handle test materials before, during and after testing is implemented. Completed answer document counts are verified at the district level and at least two people are present whenever answer documents are being handled. Student data and scores are only available to educators directly involved in the students’ education.



    How are parents/students notified of test results? 

    Preliminary reports are sent home prior to the end of the school year/when available. Official score reports are available in the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) and parents are informed via email of how to access their child’s scores through SLDS. An informational parent letter is also provided.

    How do you ensure that test results are filed in the permanent record in a timely manner? Test results are uploaded into Infinite Campus, our student information system, at the district level in a timely manner. 

    What information is provided to parents prior to testing? 

    Schools provide assessment information via parent letters, school marquees, school websites, and Infinite Campus notices/blasts. The community can also access the district assessment calendar via the FCPS district website.  The information provided includes details of the assessment purpose, testing schedule, and attendance reminders.

    How are students returning to retest notified of procedures? 

    Retesting that is done is limited to 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade students that are not reading on grade level (3rd, 5th, and 8th) or received a PL1 in mathematics (5th and 8th). Those students are retested prior to leaving school for the summer. **Due to the delay in score reporting for mathematics for the 2023-2024 school year, there will not be a retest opportunity for mathematics this year.

    How are parents/students notified of remediation and retest opportunities? 

    Schools are responsible for notifying parents/students of remediation and retest opportunities in a timely manner. 

    How are parents/students notified of possible variance/waiver eligibility (high school) or retention appeals (elementary and middle school)? 

    As a result of HB 91, students do not have to pass the EOC to graduate. A student must only pass the course. Students that fail a course based on a failing score on the EOC can retest to improve a score. Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent of Student Achievement, parents are notified of retention appeals at the school level. A meeting is held with all interested parties for any student in the district that is retained for any reason.

    **The State Board of Education (SBOE) approved a waiver of promotion requirements for grades 5 and 8 and EOC course grade requirements for mathematics for the 2023-2024 school year. With the implementation of new math standards and assessments, GaDOE will have to hold standard setting meetings next summer. This means score reporting for mathematics will be delayed to late summer/early fall 2024 and will not be available in time for promotion decisions and course grades.