Central Office Admin Directory

Name Department Title Email
Jonathan S. Patterson, Ph.D. Superintendent's Office Superintendent patterson.jonathan@fcboe.org
Kaye Sikes Superintendent's Office Administrative Assistant to Superintendent sikes.kaye@fcboe.org
Sam Sweat Superintendent's Office Director of Special Projects sweat.sam@fcboe.org
Julie Rojas Superintendent's Office Receptionist rojas.julie@fcboe.org
Tom Gray Business and Personnel Management Chief Financial Officer gray.tom@fcboe.org
Bonnie Childers Business and Personnel Management Executive Secretary childers.bonnie@fcboe.org
Steve Cole Operations Assistant Superintendent, Operations cole.steve@fcboe.org
Ronda English Operations Executive Assistant to Asst. Superintendent english.ronda@fcboe.org
Kim Herron Student Achievement Assistant Superintendent, Student Achievement herron.kim@fcboe.org
Tina Evans Student Achievement Executive Assistant to Asst. Superintendent evans.tina@fcboe.org
Melinda Berry Dreisbach Public Information Public Information Officer berrydreisbach.melinda@fcboe.org
Chris Dunn Public Information Public Information Specialist dunn.chris@fcboe.org