The Copy Center

  • The Copy Center is a service for FCBOE employees only. 

    Copy Center Overview

    The mission of The Copy Center is to provide imaging services that support all district operations and schools. 

    How to use Copy Center services*

    Schools:  In order to provide the best customer service possible, elementary, middle and high schools have designated days to submit orders. It's important that schools send orders on their designated day. Check your school's front office or teacher workroom for order form. Order form link below can be used, if needed [see link in RED below].  Once your order is ready, turn it into your school's copy person for processing. 

    Central Office/Support Departments: Copy requests can be sent as needed. For order form, click the red link below.  Once your order is ready, please send it to the Copy Center via county mail. 

    *Due to confidentiality and sensitive materials, The Copy Center does not provide walk-in services.  

    Copy Center Guidelines

    • Order forms must be completely filled out to avoid errors.
    • Pages need to be print ready. No revisions can be made.
    • Originals need to be: FULL size pages, WHITE paper, NO staples, NO sticky notes, and NO taped pages.
    • Do not send copyrighted materials unless permission to copy is granted.
    • Only black and white copies are produced in the copy center.
    • Orders are usually returned within five days but a 10-day turnaround is required in case of unforeseen delays.


    Thank you in advance for following the guidelines!!

    Contact Information:

    Ginger Rubenstein, Copy Center Operator

    Email: or


    Lafayette Education Center
    205 Layfayette Avenue
    Fayetteville, GA 30214