Creative Problem Solvers

  • POG Creative Problem Solvers Logo What are some key attributes of Creative Problem Solvers?

    • Creators of new and original content or solutions
    • Innovative
    • Independent Thinkers
    • Empathetic
    • Adept at identifying, investigating, analyzing and connecting knowledge and relevance of a problem or challenge
    • Challenge existing boundaries and ideas
    • Display solid reasoning skills
    • Able to work collaboratively with others and communicate effectively

    How will we help grow Creative Problem Solvers?

    • Create a culture of innovation
    • Maximize student centered learning opportunities
    • Create personal and authentic learning experiences
    • Link curriculum to students’ interests, strengths and aspirations
    • Support acquisition of deeper learning skills
    • Connect learning to the world outside of the classroom
    • Support ability to be self directed while also working collaboratively with others
    • Help students know and use a deliberate design process for generating ideas, testing theories, creating novel artifacts and solving authentic problems
    • Develop skills to use a variety of technologies within a design process to identify and solve problems by creating new, useful or imaginative solutions


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