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Students Break Earning Record Playing the Stock Market Game

Anyone looking to grow their financial portfolios might want to consult with four students from Robert J. Burch Elementary who made over $9,000 in 10 weeks playing the Stock Market Game, the largest gain for any elementary team from Fayette County and Congressional District 3, and more than doubling last year’s record-breaking gain of over $4,000 made by students at Inman Elementary.Students Break Earning Record Playing the Stock Market Game

Burch students Sean Neal, Trint Conrod, Omar Ganzy and Corey Hadley took a hypothetical $100,000 and turned it into $109,089.50 during the spring trading session that began in February, making them and their school the top earners in the Congressional District.

The Stock Market Game, sponsored by the Georgia Council on Economic Education, is based on equity markets and is designed to give teachers a tool for showing students how scarcity, trade, opportunity cost, voluntary exchange, price incentive, specialization, productivity, and many other concepts play out in financial institutions they hear about in the news almost daily. Unlike real equity markets, the Stock Market Game offers students a safe and pain-free place to learn that lessons of market economics can sometimes be costly.

As the Congressional District 3 winners, the students will receive a trophy and will be recognized at the annual Stock Market Game Luncheon on May 9 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.