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School System Recognizes School Psychology Awareness Week

National School Psychology Awareness Week is November 11-15School System Recognizes School Psychology Awareness Week

The Fayette County Public School System currently has 13 school psychologists and one coordinator who play a critical role in students’ academic, social, behavioral and emotional success.

This week is an opportunity to highlight the importance of school psychologists and the work they do to help students succeed.

The theme this year is "Find Your Focus.” Focusinghelps to set goals, identify steps, communicate needs, and engage in discussions that create the connections necessary for students to successfully develop their academic, social, and emotional skills.  School psychologists are particularly skilled at finding the focus to help improve school climate, the classroom, the community, and beyond. 

The school system encourages its students, parents, staff and Fayette County community to take time to say “thank you” to all school psychologists for all their hard work and dedication.