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Peeples Elementary Joins Community for Creativity Initiative

Peeples Elementary School is joining Rising Starr Middle School and Flat Rock Middle School this fall and will be the first elementary school to participate in Fayette County Public Schools’ innovative Community for Creativity (CfC) initiative. Started as a pilot effort for the school system in fall 2018, the Community for Creativity program highlights the vision of Fayette County Public Schools to create a learning environment “where excellence and creativity merge.” Each school adopting the CFC mindset encourages creative problem solving and student creation of new ideas and content, with research based instructional strategies and program offerings unique to each campus. Peeples Elementary Joins Community for Creativity Initiative

Although the school system is currently navigating uncharted waters due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Peeples Elementary principal Buffy Blodgett remarked that “Creativity is an essential part of teaching, even more so during a pandemic. Peeples Rockets are ready to soar as part of the Community for Creativity initiative. We look forward to expanding many of our school initiatives to meet the needs of all students. Our Leader in Me program emphasizes student empowerment as students take ownership of their own learning. Future initiatives include Project Lead the Way, classroom maker and engineering spaces, and opportunities to work with community partners such as the Alliance Theatre.” 

Fayette Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement Dr. Julie Turner echoes Blodgett’s remarks. “Helping students develop their creativity and problem solving capabilities may be even more important now than ever, with all the significant challenges facing our communities at this time.  We’re excited to see the continued evolution of innovative practices that Peeples’ teachers will be utilizing as part of the CFC, regardless of whether they are teaching students in the brick and mortar or virtual learning environment” says Turner.  

Fayette County Public Schools’ Community for Creativity positions students as creators, leveraging collaboration and ingenuity to connect students to the creative economy. The CFC develops and nurtures students’ ability to create original ideas, content, and solutions to real-world problems by connecting classrooms with industry and community partners, and by promoting creative, collaborative problem-solving.  Learn more at