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Learning takes flight at Huddleston

The Huddleston Hounds took flight into summer with their annual 5th grade Rocket Day tradition. 

Each year, 5th grade students construct and design rockets to launch on Rocket Day. To add to the fun, students in the classes of Greta Bowen, Paula Nellessen, Susan Sanders, and Allyson Merchant rotated through different rocket-themed stations, including STEAM rotations and a virtual field trip to NASA. 

“We discuss design process and trial and error, as well as linking the rockets to our standards by discussing chemical and physical changes,” said 5th grade teacher Allyson Merchant. “The learning objective is: I can construct and build a successful rocket that will launch into the sky from the chemical changes that are taking place within the rocket engine. I can identify the different parts of the rocket that react and create a chemical change.”