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McIntosh yearbook racks up Scholastic Press awards

The Legend has been recognized again for their legendary work. McIntosh High’s yearbook racked up the accolades from the Georgia Scholastic Press Association. 

Volume 40 of The Legend, "From Here It's Possible," was the highest-scoring yearbook in the state in the medium school division. The staff tallied two first-place “All-Georgia” awards and 12 awards in all. 

The All-Georgia winners were Mackenzie Simon in yearbook story and Dolly Thomas in portrait photography. 

Superior ratings were earned by Mackenzie Simon (COVID-19 reporting; special interest story), Emma Bellantoni (yearbook story; sports photography), London Whilby (social justice reporting; portrait photography), Grant White (social justice reporting; news photography), Natalie Spellman (social justice reporting), Summer McDow (social justice reporting), Rebekah Bushmire (portrait photography), and Carmella Niedzwiecki (infographic). 

Adviser Shanon Woolf beamed with pride at her staff’s achievements. 

“These kids worked incredibly hard and overcame so much adversity to create that book last year.”