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Kedron highlights world cultures

The Kedron Knights will someday make the world take notice of their greatness. In the meantime, they’re taking notice of the world’s greatness by celebrating foreign cultures. 

Each month, the school highlights one or more different cultures or countries that represent the heritage of students at Kedron. During January 2022, they are celebrating both South Korea and South Africa. 

To shine the spotlight, a display case is filled with items representing the culture, and bulletin boards feature connected famous people, landscapes, foods, and other items. While students eat their lunch, slideshows in the cafeteria depict different aspects of the country including geography, culture, economics, and government. Fun facts about the culture are highlighted each day during morning announcements.

The multicultural celebrations are accomplished through the service of the school’s Student Supports and Leadership Team.    

“Our goal is to educate our students about other cultures so that they can understand other people's perspectives,” said Kedron 5th grade teacher Tabatha Dearman. “We hope that this education will foster a respect and open-mindedness for other cultures, along with the opportunity to celebrate our differences along with our common interests.”