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Minter class teams up to honor MLK

When we work together, we can make something beautiful. Kristi Soong’s 1st grade class at Sara Harp Minter Elementary synergized to create a masterpiece in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The class has been studying Dr. Martin Luther King and his contributions to the world, and they built on his message of unity with a culminating class project to bring it all together. 

Each student was given a piece of paper with a color code to lead them, but they had no idea what they were coloring. After each one finished, they glued their contribution onto a large canvas. As each new piece was added, their masterpiece slowly came together: a drawing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“We learned that every little thing you do matters and is ultimately the piece to something big and amazing, just like the individual pieces of paper that each student colored,” said Soong. “I wanted them to see that all those individual pieces of paper came together to create a beautiful piece of work. We all worked together, just like Dr. King wanted, and created something amazing.”