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Braelinn looks to future with time capsules

They make memories to last a lifetime at Braelinn Elementary. Because of the unique date, on February 2 (2-2-22) all 1st graders made a time capsule to be opened on March 3, 2033 (3-3-33) when they will be high school seniors. 

Each class put their own twist on the project. Holli Huelfer’s class used paint cans and included artifacts to remind them of 2022, including handprints, class work, a class picture, a letter from the teacher, a letter students wrote to “My Future Self,” personal items from home, and a dollar bill in case paper money goes away. 

Students have instructions how to reach out when the time capsule is opened in 2033. 

“My hope is that, in time, the students will look back and remember each other and our time together in 1st grade. It is a sweet time, and I don't want the memories to fade,” said Huelfer. “With 2/2/22 and 3/3/33, it was just too good to pass up! It was a moment in time that will be part of their history and life story.”


Posted 2/4/2022