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Braelinn student leaders brainstorm

All of the Stars are invested in making Braelinn Elementary the best it can be. The Student Lighthouse Team keeps busy reflecting and brainstorming ideas to make their great school even greater. 

The Student Lighthouse Team, the school’s student leadership squad, is made up of one student picked to represent each homeroom in grades 3-5. They meet with their principal once a month for a variety of conversations relevant to whatever is happening in the building or what’s important to them. 

“The students asked if we could talk about inside behavior expectations at the next meeting,” said Principal Erinn Angelo. “They aren’t happy with some of the things they see in the hallways and bathrooms.”

The PBIS teacher coach and a behavior paraprofessional will also be included in the meeting. 

“I love when they drive the conversation,” said Principal Angelo. “My biggest goal is to give students a voice in their school. When we stop and listen to the kids, they never disappoint!”


Posted 2/8/2022