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Braelinn connects with math using Connect 4

Finding ways to connect with new learning concepts is key, and Braelinn Elementary 5th graders sharpened their math skills with a twist on a classic game. Students in the classes of Kimberly Rich and Renee Fitzsimmons reviewed math lessons by playing a special version of Connect 4. 

For their math review, students teamed up and took a sheet of problems to solve. Each team took a turn with all students solving the problem. If the team got it correct, they placed their marker on the Connect 4 board. The first team with four markers in a row was the winner. 

“My hope was that this was a fun way to review the math skills in preparation for the Milestones,” said Rich. “I also enjoyed seeing the discussion, the self-check, and the peer review that the students had while solving the problem. I even loved hearing the strategic logic of where to place their post it on the Connect 4 board.” 


Posted 5/5/2022