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Minter students use their brains to study brains

A lucky class at Sara Harp Minter Elementary used their brains to study brains in a truly memorable experiment, as Adrienne Maples led her 1st grade enrichment class through a brain dissection. 

The class wrapped up their unit on body systems with a focus on the nervous system. For a culminating activity, they dissected a sheep brain. Students examined the cerebellum, cerebrum, and medulla as part of the project. 

Maples hopes the students walk away with a greater appreciation for how complex the human body is, as well as a better understanding of how the body systems all work together to keep us alive and healthy.

“My favorite moment was when the students lined up to return to class, one of them said quietly to herself, ‘I can't believe I just held a brain!’” said Maples. “It was such a great lesson. They really were in awe!”


Posted 5/12/2022