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FES students study owl pellets

A hands-on activity helped students learn more about the world around them as Fayetteville Elementary 4th graders dissected owl pellets.

Owl pellets are regurgitated balls of hair and bones the owl cannot digest, and scientists study them to learn more about the owl and the ecosystems in which they live.

The Tiger Cub scientists did some dissecting of their own, then they used a chart to match up the bones so they could learn about the owl's diet and its place in the food web.

“Allowing the scholars an opportunity to participate in an owl pellet dissection gives them a glimpse into the life of an animal they may never see in the wild,” said teacher Dr. Joanna Johnson. “These owl pellets are a record of what owls have eaten.

“Our students are tiny scientists within our classrooms, and this opportunity to dissect owl pellets allowed them to see and identify the tiny bones from that owl's meal.”


Posted 9/23/2022