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School System maintains high CCRPI scores

Fayette County Public Schools turned in another impressive showing on the 2022 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), greatly outpacing the state averages on Content Mastery and Readiness.

On Content Mastery, Fayette’s elementary schools scored 86.4, compared to 63 for the state. Middle schools scored 85.4 to the state’s 60. High schools scored 87.3 to the state’s 64.7

Content Mastery includes achievement scores in English, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies based on student performance on state assessments.

On Readiness, Fayette’s elementary schools scored 82.9, compared to 71.8 for the state. Middle schools scored 86.3 to the state’s 75.1. High schools scored 84.5 to the state’s 73.2.

Readiness addresses the question “Are students participating in activities preparing them for and demonstrating readiness for the next level, college, or career?” There are three readiness indicators for elementary and middle schools: Literacy, Student Attendance, and Beyond the Core.

The Fayette County Public Schools graduation rate of 90.9 also outpaces the state rate of 84.7.

The 2022 CCRPI Reports are the first editions issued since 2019. Due to difficulties related to COVID-19, additional indicators including Closing Gaps, Growth, and College and Career Readiness were not included. An overall score for the district has not been released.


Posted 11/18/2022