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Fayette County News partners with high schools for ‘Newspapers in Education’

To commemorate Newspapers in Education Week, the Fayette County News is launching a program to deliver papers to each of the county’s five high schools weekly at no cost.

March 6-10 was Newspapers in Education Week, which is a “Young Reader Development” initiative centered on the use of newspapers in schools for purposes of improving literacy and developing a reading culture among children. The Fayette County News, the only print newspaper in the county, aims to offer a valuable resource for the schools, especially to the student-run media programs at Starr’s Mill High (The Prowler) and McIntosh High (The Trail).

In announcing the program, they said, “We believe newspapers broaden horizons, expand minds, and stimulate curiosity in and out of the classroom. Newspapers are a valuable teaching tool, they improve reading and writing skills, and cultivate critical thinking while encouraging kids to become more engaged citizens by learning about the world around them.”

Starting next school year, the Fayette County News aims to expand the program and begin delivering to each of the five middle schools.


Posted 3/10/2023