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Spring Hill Elem. takes flight with FAA Drone Days

Drone Days has Spring Hill Elementary ready to take flight. More than 100 5th graders participated in an interactive lesson on the types of drones, how their use can be a safer alternative in dangerous situations, and career opportunities for drone pilots.

The Southern Region Administrator’s office, the STEM AVSED coordinator, and local Outreach Representatives (ORs) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) partnered with Spring Hill Elem. for Drone Days. The program was a continuation of last year’s virtual Adopt-A-School lessons to this year’s in-person initiative to widen the knowledge base of aerospace career opportunities. 

Students were immediately captivated as they were met with a hovering drone when they entered the cafeteria which provided the high ceilings that were needed for the demonstration. The FAA representatives introduced the students to the different types and uses for drones, including recreational, educational, and professional capacities. Through interactive discussions, the students connected the fun and excitement of drone flying to future career choices and industry needs. 

After a demonstration of how drones can be programed to fly autonomously, the students were divided up into groups for hands-on flying experience. The teachers and staff joined the students in the exercise, and the excitement and smiles were contagious. At the end of each session, every student left with a new understanding of how aviation can be a part of their future that they didn’t have before. 

The Regional Administrator’s office will continue the partnership with Spring Hill Elementary and also continue the outreach next fall with the current class to nurture and grow interest in aviation throughout their middle and high school careers. 


Posted 5/15/2023