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Glow Games brighten up Inman

Inman Elementary 3rd graders in the class of Regina Stevens used the Glow Games to shine the light on key Reading/ELA concepts.

Designed to increase student engagement, the room transformation presented a rigorous but fun review day of concepts from 3rd grade standards.

Students were put into teams and given reading tasks all around the room. The stations were point of view Jenga, reading comprehension bowling, Connect Four with a writing prompt, matching game with ELA terms like simile and metaphor, and a cup stacking challenge where they had to read passages and determine the author's point of view. There was also a station where they had independent reading time with a blacklight flashlight. 

As they went through the rotations they earned points for correct answers. At the end of the day, the group with the most points was crowned the winner of the Glow Games.


Posted 5/22/2023