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Students medal on prestigious National Spanish Exam

Students from McIntosh High, Starr’s Mill High, Whitewater High, and Whitewater Middle attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2023 National Spanish Examinations.

The combined medal count earned by the students includes 17 Premio de Oro (Gold, at or above the 95th percentile), 28 Premio de Plata (Silver, from the 85th-94th percentile), and 33 Premio de Bronce (Bronze, 75th-84th percentile).

Along with a gold medal, Christopher Shim of McIntosh earned a perfect score for Spanish for Native Speakers II.

“Attaining a medal or honorable mention for any student on the National Spanish Examinations is very prestigious,” said Lisa Greenman, National Director of the Exams, “because the exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with nearly 85,000 students participating in 2023.”

The National Spanish Examinations are administered each year in grades 6 through 12, and are sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. For more information, visit


Local students receiving medals in the National Spanish Examinations are:

Spanish for Native Speakers II Silver: María Delgado, McIntosh; Patricio Landa, McIntosh


Spanish for Native Speakers II Gold: Christopher Shim, McIntosh


AP Spanish Bronze: Fiyin Makinde, Starr’s Mill; Claire Nichols, Starr’s Mill; Abigail Nowinski, Starr’s Mill; Gerardo Perez, Starr’s Mill


AP Spanish Silver: Juan Torres, McIntosh


Level 1 Bronze: Emily Athey, Whitewater High; Abigail Crump, Whitewater Middle; Sauj Das, Starr’s Mill; Tanner Dorshimer, Whitewater Middle; Jeremy Flug, Whitewater Middle; Evangelie Higman, Whitewater Middle; Ayaan Khan, Whitewater Middle; Hayley Miller, Whitewater High; Brian Mitchell, Whitewater Middle; Courtney Newcomer, Whitewater Middle; Chloe Phan, Whitewater Middle; Emily Swanger, Whitewater High


Level 1 Sliver: Finyinfoluwa Abiodun-Findo, Whitewater Middle; Anna Bruijn, Starr’s Mill; Kaydence Diner, Whitewater High; Elsie Fanning, Whitewater Middle; Aliyah Hayes, Whitewater Middle; Aubrey Jones, Whitewater Middle; Umu King, Whitewater Middle; Ludovic Lythgoe, Whitewater Middle; David Martin, Whitewater Middle; Arianna Mitchell, Whitewater Middle; Julianna Padilla, Whitewater Middle; Shade Wilson, Starr’s Mill


Level 1 Gold: Zakary Bates, Whitewater Middle; Caoimhe Caskey, Whitewater Middle; Chloe King, Whitewater Middle; Miles Lewis, Whitewater Middle; Elizabeth Toth, Whitewater Middle


Level 2 Bronze: Madison Hagin, Whitewater High; Joshua Lawson, Starr’s Mill; Isabella McBride, Starr’s Mill; Sophia Nguyen, Whitewater High; Ansley Nieber, Whitewater High; Mitt Patel, Starr’s Mill; Aaron Poitevent, Whitewater High;  Julian Rhinehardt, Whitewater High; London Rivers, Whitewater High; Ashlyn Rusk, Starr’s Mill


Level 2 Silver: Bella Gorman, Starr’s Mill; Kayla Hoang, Whitewater High; Anika Olson, Whitewater High


Level 2 Gold: Adelae Barkley, Starr’s Mill; James Bender, Starr’s Mill; Zimri Cauble, Starr’s Mill; Maribelle Grandea, Whitewater High; Jonathan Hunter, Whitewater High; Elizabeth Jackson, Starr’s Mill; Jacon Sims, Whitewater High


Level 3 Bronze: Mary Hunter, Starr’s Mill; Mark Panair, Starr’s Mill; Teagan Reiter, Starr’s Mill; Natalie Stone, Whitewater High


Level 3 Silver: Emily Aguilera, Starr’s Mill; Zahra Castillo, Starr’s Mill; Sophia Farinacci, McIntosh; Ella Griswold, Starr’s Mill; Abby McSpadden, Starr’s Mill; Airi Misigu, McIntosh; Ellie Shelton, McIntosh


Level 3 Gold: Carolin Perez-Lozada, Whitewater High; Maria Yanez, Whitewater High


Level 4 Bronze: Mayiah Grant, Starr’s Mill, Leonardo Rodriguez, Starr’s Mill; Daniel Wang, Starr’s Mill


Level 4 Silver: Carson Candela, McIntosh; Katie Rausch, Starr’s Mill; Ginger Swayne, Starr’s Mill


Level 4 Gold: Sofia Arvizu, McIntosh; Jonah Hendrickson, Starr’s Mill


Posted 5/24/2023