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Fayette County Library to host Multigenerational Reading Challenge

Readers of all ages are invited to sign up for this summer’s reading challenge. Anchored in the theme “All Together Now,” the library is encouraging people from all walks of life to find joy in reading. 

“Summer reading is a great way for families to bond and develop a love of reading and learning,” Fayette County Library Director Michelle Bennett-Copeland said. 

“During summer reading, children have access to experiences that further their sense of discovery. Adults can learn new skills and form relationships that enhance their lives, too,” she said. 

Library patron Kari Shirley said the library’s reading programs helped her family’s reading habit. 

“The program solidified our read-aloud habits at home. Most times reading aloud together feels ordinary, but we believe intentional time together is like a squirrel storing up seeds for the winter. You don't always see the benefit right away. Days later a story is often remembered, and we relate it to our own life,” Shirley said.

“A story about the character taking initiative is often remembered when someone in the family takes the initiative to serve in our home. We can encourage one another to that end. We are looking forward to jumping into the summer reading program and my son says he can't wait to see what snacks and crafts they have as prizes,” she said. 

“Our goal is to reduce brain drain,” Bennett-Copeland said. “The literacy engagement and activities will allow participants to keep their minds active throughout the summer, which will prepare them for an enhanced school year,” she said.

The Summer reading challenge booklet includes instructions on how to sign up for the challenge as well as a complete list of events for all ages. You can access the booklet here.

The public is invited to the Summer Reading Kickoff on Thursday, June 1 at 3:30 p.m. The library wants to double the thousands of individuals they serve during the summer. Access the booklet for more information.


Posted 5/24/2023