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Class has a blast making watermelon pop

A special class project at Peachtree City Elementary ended in a delicious explosion. Shawn Agur’s 3rd grade class was learning about force, estimating, and inferences, and they decided to piece it all together to make a watermelon explode.

For their end of year project, students had to develop a prediction, set-up an experiment, test their prediction, and record results. Students had to make a hypothesis about how the watermelon would "explode" and write notes during the experiment about what they saw and why. Their estimates ranged anywhere from 90 to 964 rubber bands to make the watermelon pop. The watermelon exploded at 256 rubber bands.

“My students LOVED this project,” said Agur, who was still finding chunks of leftover watermelon all day. “Everyone was astounded it took less than 300 rubber bands to do the job.”