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Spring Hill class caps off year with sweet treats

It was a wild and wooly school year, so one kindergarten class at Spring Hill Elementary celebrated the looming summer with some Seuss-ian treats. 

Teacher Jodi Thompson and parapro Libby Auers were completing their seventh year as a classroom team, and they wanted to really make their end-of-year awards ceremony special for their students. 

Luckily for Libby, she knew someone who could cook up a really sweet surprise. Her daughter made a custom Cat in the Hat cookie for each student. 

“My daughter who lives in Washington state began baking and decorating cookies a few years ago. We thought that was a great way to give the children something special for the big day, so mom made a special request,” she said. “The children were delighted with them, and we FaceTimed with my daughter to thank her and show her their excitement as they enjoyed them!”