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Math smarts help Eagles fly out of escape room

Posted 1/26/2022

Thanks to their mathematical minds, a class at Inman Elementary got themselves out of a tricky situation. Emily Burns’ 2nd graders made the 100th day of school extra special with a math puzzle escape room. 

The class was divided into two groups, and each had to complete three levels of puzzles to earn a key to escape. When both teams had their key, they were able to unlock a prize chest. 

The purpose was to engage students in addition and subtracting strategies when regrouping with two- and three-digit numbers through the use of math puzzles. Levels included the use of technology, hands-on manipulatives, 120’s charts, and open number lines. 

“The take away was to promote teamwork, independence, and confidence with problem-solving skills,” said Burns. “I want to provide an environment where learning is fun and mistakes are welcome. It is how we grow.”