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Mentors thanked at appreciation breakfast

Time is often the greatest gift you can give, and members of the Fayette County Public School System’s Friends Mentoring Program were thanked for giving so generously at an appreciation breakfast. 

Mentor Program Specialist Cora Davis thanked the participants for being a safe space for students. 

“You are so appreciated,” said Davis. “You may say it’s just an hour you’re spending, but it’s a big impact you’re making.”

The mission of the Friends Mentoring program is to establish and support long-term relationships between positive community role models and students to assist youths in dealing with the complexities of school, home life, and their community. School-based mentors meet weekly one-on-one with their students in a school-based setting. More than anything, mentoring is about building positive relationships and being someone who a student can talk to. It is a great opportunity to serve your local community and invest in the future. 

Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Patterson said he was humbled that so many give their time to be there for students. 

“This room gives me hope,” he said. “Thank you all for giving your time and your talents for this great cause.”

If you are interested in volunteering with the Friends Mentoring program, contact Cora Davis, Mentor Program Specialist, at (470) 314-0986 or


Posted 6/8/2022