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Friendsgiving helps Inman focus on gratitude

Inman Elementary put a fresh spin of an old holiday as a 3rd grade class celebrated Friendsgiving to learn more about gratitude, kindness, and community-building friendship activities.

In the class of Emily Burns, there were a host of fun activities, including non-fiction articles to practice close reading strategies, two-step word problems, and building friend”ships” as a team STEAM challenge. They also made fruit cornucopias for snacks. 

Students also filled up friendship swag bags by making items for each other to open and read on Thanksgiving.

The overarching goals of Friendsgiving were promoting classroom community and encouraging friendship and gratitude.

“I absolutely LOVE doing this with my class. It is one of my favorite days,” said teacher Emily Burns. “I think friendship and gratitude are extremely important for building our classroom community. Watching them be so kind to each other genuinely was wonderful.”


Posted 11/30/2022