• Student Services encompasses a wide variety of departments and programs designed to meet students' needs:

    • Foreign Exchange Students – Board policy is in place and an application packet must be submitted at least 30 days prior to school starting. ( @: July 1st) Student will be on a J-1 Visa through their exchange program.
    • Homebound Services (3 teachers for the county) – Instruction will be set up for 3 hours per week at the LaFayette Educational Center (LEC).
    • Homeless Liaison – Contact the school counselor for assistance.
    • Migrant Education – Contact the school counselor for assistance.
    • Psychologists – Thirteen psychologists and one coordinator handle psychological testing for the county.
    • Records & Transcripts – Permanent and non-permanent records are maintained per state retention laws.
    • Residency Verifications – Investigates residency issues and withdrawals as may be needed.
    • Social Workers (4.5 for the county) – A part-time social worker works on special projects; three social workers are field workers.
    • Enrollment Center – Enrolls new students, updates address changes, and verifies private school students.
    • 504 Coordinator – Consult with the school site coordinator (i.e.: AP at school) regarding problem cases and how to help them and/or refer to RTI. Students needing special education services will need to go through the RTI process prior to receiving services.

Contact Information

  • Audrey Toney
    Director of Student Services and Title IX Coordinator
    770.460.3990 x. 1109

    Richard Smith
    Coordinator of Student Services

    Janette Iversen 
    Administrative Assistant
    770.460.3990 x. 1109