Superintendent's Value Promise

  • My Value Promise
    Dr. Joseph C. Barrow, Jr., Superintendent
    Fayette County Public Schools

    As the lead learner for Fayette County Public Schools, I claim the responsibility of being a Champion for Children! I recognize that in order to achieve this persona on a daily basis I shall always put the learning opportunities for all children as the focal point and priority of my work. I will not make or accept excuses for myself and my district’s performance knowing that I am responsible to my stakeholders; i.e., students, parents, teachers, staff, business community and the community at large for the progress and/or achievement of this organization.

    For the parents and students who attend our schools, I promise to establish the Fayette County Model for Achievement and Accountability which hinges on modeling a partnership of success between our school board and me, creating a high performance culture of success for the system, implementing best practice instructional applications, and conducting program evaluations of the total model. I promise to focus on the system’s five Strategic Improvement Planning goals:

    1. To improve student engagement and achievement
    2. To expand stakeholder and family engagement
    3. To improve professional growth and human resources
    4. To expand digital literacy and integration
    5. To insure organizational and operational effectiveness

    I promise the teachers and all other staff members of our district that I will share and implement our vision in which Fayette County Schools will be ranked among the leading school systems in the nation and I will push to reach “World Class” status. Assessment results will reflect growth and excellence exceeding regional, state, and national performance. Our schools shall be safe, healthy, caring environments where all students will make progress and our parents/community stakeholders are welcomed as partners. I promise that I will communicate with employees on a regular basis, that I will work to be visible in our schools, and that I will be a “bridge builder” who welcomes input that will benefit children. I promise that I will be bold in my leadership and that I will challenge the status quo when it is not yielding the desired student outcomes. I promise to provide in equal measure the pressure and the support that is needed for the staff to ensure that no child is marginalized and that all employees perform to their fullest potential. Most of all I promise the employees of Fayette County Schools I will demonstrate integrity and character with everyone I encounter.

    I promise the businesses and community at large of Fayette County that our schools will provide superior instruction, resources (including technology), environment and guidance to ensure top quality graduates with life-long learning skills who can live responsibly in our global community. I promise to communicate our purpose and our practice in a very transparent and open fashion. I promise to listen to your opinions and concerns. In every aspect of school district operations I will passionately work to provide a world class educational experience for all stakeholders knowing that compromise will not be made if children are not the winners in the end! As a “Champion for Children” I promise that all my decisions and actions will be guided by what is in their best interest!